Hello and welcome to the first post of a 21st century mama.  In this blog I hope to share with you about my family and how we navigate through the 21st century while still being a little old fashion.  I hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Let me introduce myself and my family.  I’m Kristi, wife (to Kevin), mama (to Caleb), a chef, nurse, exterminator, housekeeper, dishwasher, etc, etc, etc…you get the idea :).  Kevin and I have been married since 2003 and we live in McKinney, TX.  Our son Caleb is 2 and 1/2 years old and we adopted him when he was born in 2012.

I became a stay at home mom in mid 2013 and have loved it.  Living on a single income can have its challenges, but with my new found love of cooking, mostly from scratch, homemade crafts and fun free stuff to do, we’ve been able to make it work and it’s worth the sacrifice to be home with my kid.

Throughout our journey, I plan to share aspects of our life, recipes, cooking tips, budgeting tips and most importantly to us, I’ll be sharing with you our plans to adopt another child.


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