3am Non-feeding time

I’ll be honest, we haven’t had 3am feedings since our son started sleeping through the night at six weeks old.  Now that we’ve transitioned to our big boy bed and were getting up during the night, it’s a different story.

I know growing boys are like the bottomless pit that never seems to be full and the idea of telling my son at 3am this morning when he kept saying “mommy I hungry” that it wasn’t time to eat, brought on a set of feelings I’ve never experienced.  Caleb is one of those kids that if you do something once, that’s how it always has to be.  So setting a precedent of eating at 3am is not one I wanted to start.  This however got me to thinking.  It’s not like I don’t have the ability to feed my child; all it takes is a walk down the stairs and to grab whatever is in the fridge.

This event brought up things like, what about that single mom who’s having trouble keeping food in the house, or the family struggling with a job loss to keep everyone fed, or worse still the family in a third world country who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.  I think a lot of us take food for granted and it’s something I definitely see changing in the future.

Like I said, Caleb is one for setting precedents.  For example, when we were taking swim lessons this summer, we happened to stop for french fries one day after swim lessons.  After that it became routine, but also a good tool to help him do well…if you have a good swim lesson we can go for fries afterwards.  Probably not the best reward system, but we went from having a kiddo terrified just to WATCH someone else go under water, to being able to jump in by himself, roll on his back, go to the bottom and spring back up and even start some front crawl.  I was a super proud mama this summer!  And we have a great coach named Wendoline to thank for that. 🙂  Even now almost two months after our last lesson when we drive by her place Caleb says, I want to go swim with Miss Wendy!!  Someone made an impact on my child.

Speaking of food, here’s a little of what I have going in my dehydrator today.  Caleb loves all sorts of fruit and we know how difficult it can be to have it last any length of time.  So as most things are starting to go bad, I gather them up and put them in the freezer for later use.  Caleb’s favorite is homemade fruit rollups.  Over night I thawed a package of strawberries and several bananas we had put up and blended those together nice and smooth.

Here it is going in the dehydrator tray and in 8-10 hours, we’ll have a new batch of rollups.

Happy Friday!


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