Home Study Day

When I first started this blog post, I was going to give the full history of our adoption process that began in late 2009.  I have since edited the post and will give you all the details of our journey in two parts. 🙂

Part 1: Our second adoption journey.

We finally made it.  Today we are excited to be completing our adoption home study to begin the process of adopting our second child.  You’d think having completed five of these home study visits we’d be pros at this.  But there is still an element of nervousness during the interview.  For me, there is still some sadness involved because it’s a reminder that we haven’t been able to conceive a biological child.  Then I remind myself, if I’d given birth to biological kids, we wouldn’t have Caleb.  And I just can’t imagine a world where Caleb was not a part of our lives.

For those that have never been through a home study before, let me provide you with some insight.  With our adoption agency, the first step is to complete a 42-page document. This document includes questions about your childhood, your teen years, your adult years, your married years, etc.  They want to know everything.  I will say it does give you a chance to really get to know yourself if you don’t already.  You provide identification, birth certificates, marriage license, pictures of your family, your home, documentation of pets, etc, etc…You get the idea, it’s a lot of information.  The initial packet we mailed to the agency was almost 2-inches thick.

Next comes the home study.  Usually a complete stranger comes to your house and spends several hours discussing with you the answers you gave on the 42-page questionnaire.  Next comes your online profile.  In our case, because we have adopted through our agency before, they allowed our profile to go live so that potential birthmothers could consider us for the placement of their child.  Once the home study is complete, then the waiting begins.  This is all for a domestic adoption.  The process for adopting internationally is even more extensive.

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