Thank Goodness for Freezer Meals

When I get in a grove, I like to make a double batch of a favorite freezer meal and keep it for weeks just like this when I really don’t feel like cooking.  There are tons of recipes out there that can be frozen and cooked at a later time.  There is a bit of an art to the process of freezing meals.  Certain ingredients need to be under cooked, such a pasta, so as not to become a mushy mess once it gets baked in the oven.

Making freezer meals that can easily be set out the night before and popped in the crock pot the next morning were a life saver when I was still working full time.

Here’s a link to what Caleb and I are having for dinner tonight with a piece of baked chicken.  I love to add extra veggies when I can, so I did modify this recipe to include mushrooms and used colby jack cheese instead of sharp.   I also used Basmati Rice since that was all I had on hand at the time.


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