New Food Wednesday!

Ok, so that’s not really a thing in my house, but I was so excited today to have my son try something new.  During a shopping trip today I picked up these little sweet peppers at Sprouts.  I’m not a fan of peppers myself, unless they are in a stir-fry, but I thought lets give it a try.


In the months before I became a stay at home mom, I started following a blog on how to remove processed foods from your diet.  This family is no where near being completely processed foods free, but we’ve made some major changes over the last year and a half that have greatly benefited us.

Almost daily on the blogs Facebook page, she posts pictures of what her kids take to school for lunch.  I was blown away by what these kids will eat.  I thought we’d give these peppers a try…and voila!!!  He loves peppers…and the homemade ranch dip doesn’t hurt either!!

Speaking of homemade, the link above for the ranch dip also includes how to make your own taco seasoning and several other recipes.  Since making these myself, I can taste such a difference in the packaged version.  I never realized just how much salt was in the prepackaged stuff.  Check it out, you’ll love it.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you know that my family is in the process of adopting a baby girl.  We hope that you would continue to keep us in your prayers as we move through the process.  We completed our home study over the weekend and our adoption agency is finalizing the background check and we found our today we need to have our fingerprints completed again since its been a couple years since those were first done.  On my personal Facebook page, I shared a challenge in honor of Halloween.  We are hoping 31 people would consider giving $13 or $31 (or any amount) to our adoption fundraising page.  We’ve had 3 people donate $1050, which has just blown us away and we are so grateful.  Would you share in our journey and be one of our 31?

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