Quick and Simple 1 – Pasta and Sauce

Whether a working mom or a stay at home mom, quick and simple dinners are a must for busy days.  Not only does a good simple home cooked meal help the budget, it helps the waistline by not having to eat out!

This was exactly our dinner the other night.  We had fun pasta, picked out by Mr. Caleb himself, a jar of marinara, some meat and a salad.  I’ve mentioned before the awesome authentic Italian grocery store we have in the area.  I like to go with a friend every couple months and stock up on their great products.  This is where I purchase my bulk Italian sausage, breakfast sausage and fresh sliced pepperoni as well as a variety of fun pastas and cheeses.  The Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce is something I like to pick up at Sprouts, especially when it’s on sale.  They have a wide variety of flavors and we love all of them.

Here’s my quick and simple dinner:

1/2 lb italian sausage (or meat of choice)
1/2 package of favorite pasta (cooked according to directions)1/2 jar of favorite pasta sauce
Favorite shredded cheese to top
Salad of choice or other vegetable

First cook the pasta according to the package directions.


While the pasta is cooking, cook your meat of choice.  Once done, drain any excess grease and return the meat to the pan.


Add the pasta sauce to the meat and continue to heat while the pasta gets done.


You can mix the pasta and the meat sauce together, but my son usually likes his pasta plain so we don’t mix it.  We choose fresh spinach and a little organic ranch dressing on top and sprinkled some fresh grated Parmesan cheese.  YUM!


These items are usually staples in our home so that no matter whats going on that day, I can have a good home cooked meal on the table in under 30 minutes.

I’d love to hear what your quick and easy or go to meals are for those busy days?

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