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My 21st Century Life – Part 2 – A letter to my son

Although he won’t be reading this for many years, I’m sure, I have some motherly words for my beautiful son.

It seems like only yesterday we received that very special phone call that told your father and I that we were about to become your parents.  You may not know, but we waited long and sometimes not so patiently for you to come into our lives.  You see, although you did not grow in my belly, you had grown in my heart for more years than I can tell you.  I prayed for you, I longed for you and I cried for you for what felt like forever.  I loved you so much before I ever saw your face.  I remember driving in the car, when we still didn’t know if you were a son or a daughter, wondering what your face looked like and what I would feel when I finally laid eyes on you and got to hold you in my arms.  To say that you were beautiful and perfect would be an understatement!

Now fast forward almost three years and my baby is not a baby anymore.  I’m amazed every single day by how smart you are, how quickly you pick things up and by how careful I have to be what I say around you unless I want it repeated.  🙂  You have an infectious smile that can literally charm anyone you meet.  It will be my job as your mom to make sure you never abuse that charm with anyone.

I so enjoy our days together, when we take trips to “go park go play”, and our lunch dates with friends.  I enjoy having you in the kitchen with me where you play with the water in the sink while I cook dinner.  I love that you want to help me bake, and I hope my future daughter-in-law appreciates my teaching you to cook and bake.  While there are times of frustration and angst, our life together is NEVER boring.

I bet you didn’t know that there are nights I lie awake wondering what your future holds.  I’m excited to see what path your life takes; whether you are challenged academically or if sports are in your future.  I’m terrified of the first time you get hit on the playing field and making sure I don’t embarrass you by running on the field to check on you.  I worry whether or not you will encounter a bully at school and if I’ve prepared you with the proper tools to handle that.

I’m not ready to look much past that, so I will end this first letter for now.  But know this, throughout all your years I will do everything I can to help you become the best “you” you can be.  I’m so thankful everyday that I get the privilege to be called your mommy.  I love you to the heavens and back my precious Caleb.